The search form appearing below this text provides a versatile way to search for persons who are subjects of person pages on this site. For guidance in using the form, click on the circled "?" in the top right corner of the form.

It does not search the "library" pages. Nor does it search the notes, footnotes, or other text on person pages. For example, Sam Houston is not a member of this dataset and thus does not have a person page, but he is mentioned on numerous person pages and library pages. The Battle of San Jacinto likewise is mentioned on library pages and person pages, as are the Civil War, the Methodist Church, the University of Texas, and numerous other phrases that may interest the searcher. They cannot be found using this form. All the content on this site, including the types of items mentioned above, can be searched using Google. It is a good idea to limit the Google search to this site. Do so by going to Google's advanced search form here and entering the search parameters, including "" (without the quotes) in the field marked "site or domain," about the ninth line of fields from the top of the form.


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