Below is a transcript of what appears to be a newspaper clipping
pasted on the inside front cover of a bible belonging to
Dorothy Loop Bartlett. She said her mother gave her the bible.
Other information in the bible suggests that it originally might
have belonged to Dorothy's maternal grandmother,
Isa Fontaine Williams Walker, who was a daughter of the
subject of these resolutions, Isaac Williams. There is no
identifying information on the clipping, such as
its date or the newspaper in which it was published.

Obvious typographical errors have been corrected.



To the Master Warden and Members of Mt. Carmel Lodge No. 453.

Your committee appointed to draft resolutions of respect touching the death of our deceased Brother, Isaac Williams, submit the following:


Isaac Williams was born in North Carolina, March 22, 1809, and was brought to Mississippi by his parents when he was eight years of age, and from that time to the day of his death, which occurred Sunday, Oct. 4, 1903, he lived a resident of Lawrence and Covington counties, his home being in Covington county at the time of his death.


In 1834, he was married to Mary F. Griffith, with whom he lived in happy wedlock to the time of her death, which occurred in May, 1887.

To them were born seven children, three boys and four girls, of whom two boys and two girls are still living, and rearing families that are not only keeping the family name untarnished, but winning fresh laurels with which to wreath it.


By regular habits and a chaste life, Bro. Williams was enabled to retain his physical strength to an extremely old age, and his mental faculties remained good until the last, and that with an exceptional brightness, so much so that he conversed freely of current events and business enterprises.


As a citizen, Bro. Williams occupied a place in the front rank. He was a man of untiring energy, and by thrift and industry always had a sufficiency and something to spare to the unfortunate. He took an active part in everything that pertained to his community and country's welfare, and no individual that was worthy nor cause that was laudable ever went empty-handed from his door. In politics, he was a life long democrat, but for conscientious reasons favored the abolition of slavery.


As a Mason, he took the Master degree in 1850, and served at various times in all the different capacities of the Blue Lodge. He was a charter member of the present and former lodge here. But being one who ever looked upward, he passed to the Royal Arch degree, and was high priest in that rank. His record in our ancient order is one of which any man might justly be proud, and his example one worthy to be followed by his posterity.


As a Christian, he was one of the brightest types. He was converted in early life, and ever afterwards lived a consistent member of the Baptist church, and was a loyal advocate of all the doctrines held by that denomination. He was not one to be contented with the statement of others, but diligently studied the Bible for himself, and thereby accumulated such a store of sacred learning as is seldom to be attained by any layman. This, with his gleanings from other sources, ever made him a man whose championship was sought.


And now, whereas the Great Master has required him to lay down the gavel on earth and called on to take the highest degree conferred upon men in heaven,


Therefore, be it resolved, that in his death Mt. Carmel Lodge No. 453 has lost one of her brightest and most loyal members, and that we show the highest esteem in which he was held by recording this memorial on our minutes, and sending a copy to each of his children, and having same published in the Lawrence and Covington county papers.


Resolved further, that we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his bereaved ones, and beseech for them the comforting influence of our Heavenly Father.


                                                                                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                           Rev. L. D. Posey, Chm.

                                                                                                           L. W. Gray,

                                                                                                           H. Griffith,