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DOCTOR AND REV. JAMES JONES, Surgeon in the Continental Army, was born near Newark, Delaware, April 6th, 1756. His parents were James and Susanna Jones. The father of the first James and grandfather of Dr. Jones came from Wales, settling on the Welsh Tract, when the first James was two years old. Dr. James Jones entered the Army at Valley Forge as Surgeon, and experienced untold hardships and danger in his profession with the Army until the close of the struggle. He was an honored member of the "Order of the Cincinnati." He settled in the practice of his profession at Duck Creek, now Smyrna, [Delaware], and there married Mary Creighton, in April 1783. Twelve children were born to them of whom six died in infancy. Sarah married Major John [surname illegible]; of this marriage was Mary, mother of A. Price Griffith, whose sketch is found in this volume. Mary married George Walker, and was the mother of Mary and Susan Walker. The former resides in Smyrna, and Susan married Thos. W. Eliason, Esq., of Chestertown, Maryland. Lydia was the wife of Major Elias Naudain, of whom see sketch; of this marriage the only surviving child is Rebecca, wife of Robert H. Moor, Esq., of Philadelphia. Esther married Daniel Megear, and four children of this marriage are residents of Smyrna. Susanna died unmarried and James is still living. Doctor Jones married his second wife, Margaret Simpson, on the 16th of June, 1818, whom he also survived. He, in 1792, bought a large tract of land near "Bryn Zion" Baptist Meeting House. He was physician, farmer and Baptist Minister, having been ordained April 8th, 1789. For his ministerial services he would not receive compensation. He was equally distinguished in both the ministry and medicine. He was one of the able and excellent men of Delaware.